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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Oakland, NJ

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. We used to think that the only function of platelets was to form a clot to stop the bleeding after an injury. We now know that platelets do so much more. When the body senses an injury, platelets aggregate at the site and release growth factors that attract stem cells to the area. Stem cells are the building blocks that repair damaged tissue. Stem cells can turn into new skin, new bone, new cartilage and even new blood vessels. We can amplify the body’s natural healing abilities by placing concentrated platelets into an area of injury. The injury can be due to real trauma such as a sports injury or it can be a controlled injury such as micro-needling or laser treatments.

We can make concentrated platelet solutions from whole blood in a lab or we can use a kit to make PRP in a doctor’s office. The PRP can then be injected into injuries such as arthritic knees or strained tendons and ligaments to accelerate healing by attracting stem cells. PRP can be applied directly onto an intentional, controlled injury such as after micro needling, to trick the body into producing new collagen. This treatment is what is popularly known as the “Vampire Facial®”. The Vampire Facial® and Vampire Face Lift® are treatments trademarked by Dr. Charles Runels who invented these treatments as well as the the Vampire Breast Lift®, The O-Shot® and The Priapus Shot®.

Dr. H. William Song at Omni Aesthetics is the inventor of the Electric Plasma Lift, which combines energy based treatments with PRP to unleash the rejuvenating power of platelets to create an instant non-surgical face lift. We offer this and almost every possible application of PRP available. Dr. Song is a teaching faculty member of AAEG (Advanced Aesthetics Education Group). He trains physicians from around the country and around the world on the innovative new uses of PRP and adipose derived stem cells. Some PRP treatments available at Omni Aesthetics are:

  • Electric Plasma Lift: Radio frequency with PRP for an instant lift.
  • Plasma Facial: Micro needling with PRP
  • PLEFI: Platelet Enhanced Filler Injection
  • PRP Hair Restoration
  • PRP injections for painful joints and tendons
  • MVP: PRP injections for male vitality and enhancement
  • FVP: PRP injections combined with ThermiVa® for female lubrication, incontinence and aesthetic improvement.

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