Cosmetic dermal fillers have revolutionized the facial care industry. Today, you don’t need to spend time worrying about your frown lines and sunken-in cheeks; instead, you can treat them effectively using dermal fillers.

Belotero – the newest cosmetic dermal filler on the market – is designed to get rid of stubborn lines and to fill in the sunken areas of your face. Completely skin-friendly and very safe to use, Belotero is the perfect filler to use if you’re looking for a natural and instantaneous remedy to aged skin.

Start Your Dermal Care Journey With Belotero

Nicknamed the “starter filler,” Belotero is one of the lightest dermal fillers available on the market. Made from hyaluronic acid, it is designed to reduce the appearance of:

• Marionette lines
• Nasolabial folds
• Fine lines near the eyes
• Frown lines
• Deep wrinkles
• Superficial acne scars
• Thin lips
• Sunken cheeks & jowls

The primary reason it is considered a starter filler, is because the user will hardly feel the Belotero under their skin, unlike its heavier counterpart Juvéderm. This is really helpful for first-time cosmetic filler users, who don’t know what to expect once they get the injectable injected.

How Does Belotero Work?

Belotero is a gentle and cohesive gel that is designed to absorb water and nutrients from the body and to use this water and nutrients to fill-up the empty pockets in the skin. Once absorbed, the water makes the Belotero injectable puff-up into a slightly-runny, jelly-like substance, which takes up the empty and sunken spaces in the skin and acts as a cushion.

When this happens, the sunken areas of the skin rise-up and your face regains its natural shape. The water also purifies the spaces under your skin, allowing your skin to get a vibrant, fresh and youthful glow.

Similar to other dermal fillers, Belotero also stimulates the production of collagen in your face. This collagen treats the damaged cells in your skin and reduces the appearance of marks and scars. The collagen also tightens the skin over time and helps reduce the number of fine lines, folds, bags and wrinkles you have.

Since the Belotero is thinner and lighter than other cosmetic dermal fillers, it can be injected both superficially and higher up in the dermis, without the worry of ungainly bumps, lumps and casts.

This very feature of Belotero makes it ideal to treat the finest of lines and the deepest of folds; something which Juvéderm and Restylane aren’t designed to do. Belotero is also a great choice if you want to augment your lips & cheeks and improve the contours of your face.

A Belotero injection takes 15-20 minutes to administer and the results last for a long time. The results of the Belotero Balance and Belotero Basic last for six months, Belotero Soft and Belotero Intense last for 12 months, and Belotero Volume lasts for 18 months.

Choosing Between Belotero, Juvéderm, And Restylane

The choice of the cosmetic dermal filler ultimately depends on the type of treatment you’re looking for.

Juvéderm works best on the deepest layers of the skin and is great if you have very severe wrinkles, deep acne scars and an extremely sunken face. Both Belotero and Restylane are much lighter than Juvéderm, making them better if you’re just-starting-out or are looking for light work.

While Restylane has been primarily designed to treat lines around the lips and for lip augmentation,Belotero is more of a one-size-fits-all approach to facial contouring.

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