In today’s world, having confidence is extremely important and one of the most crucial factors that contribute to it is our appearance. A contoured and youthful face instantly brightens up our spirits and makes us feel confident and ready to take on any challenge, while things like a double-chin can hamper our appearance and lower our self-esteem.

A double chin can cause you to have an overly full look rather than the toned, slim look that many people desire. To get rid of it, some people may consider committing to a new diet or workout routine, but these practices don’t always provide the the changes you desire. Thanks to Kybella, however, there is now an effective method that can help reduce the fat cells in one’s chin area, thus giving a contoured face that looks slim, toned, and more youthful overall.

What Is Kybella?

Kybella is a non-surgical treatment method that can help you reclaim a youthful and well-contoured face. It is an effective way to remove the double chin, and it does so by destroying the fat cells in that specific area.

The procedure utilizes deoxycholic acid to destroy the excess fat cells that accumulate in the chin. This acid is a naturally occurring chemical in the body, which makes the procedure incredibly safe and effective. Once the cells are destroyed, the body naturally excretes them and results in firmer, more youthful skin.

Are You A Right Candidate For Kybella Treatment? How To Know!

Kybella is a suitable treatment for anyone who has fat deposits in the chin area. However, before you decide to go ahead with the treatment, there are certain things you need to consider and think about. If you find yourself relating to most of the points below, you may want to consider Kybella as the solution for you:

1. You have realistic expectations about the possible results provided by the procedure.
2. You do not have thyroid problems.
3. You do not have an infection in and around the area that needs to be treated.

Before you give the treatment a Green signal, you need to talk to your surgeon and get more information about the procedure. Your surgeon would also want more information regarding your medical history, if you have undergone surgeries in the past, or if you have any bleeding disorders. This information will help your care provider decide the best course of action for you.

Things To Take Care of Before The Procedure

There are certain instructions that you will need to follow before undergoing the treatment. You will need to:

1. Stay well-hydrated at all times
2. Take a break from alcohol consumption.
3. Limit the amount of salt you consume on a daily basis.

The Procedure

After numbing the necessary region, your surgeon will mark the areas to be treated. He will then continue the treatment by injecting the deoxycholic solution.

After The Procedure

Once the procedure is complete, some common effects can be felt. A small amount of swelling, redness, and bruising are common, but usually subsides within the first forty-eight hours after the treatment. Aside from these common after effects, the treatment is very safe and effective.

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