Sculptra is a type of dermal filler that can be used to help increase collagen production. It is different from other dermal fillers in that it produces visible improvements that take place over the course of time. It is also known to last much longer than other cosmetic filler options.

Understanding the Sculptra Injectable Filler

Sculptra is composed of poly-L-lactic acid. When injected in a controlled environment, it can help aid in improving one’s collagen production. Collagen is the protein that assists in boosting the quality of your skin and helps to keep it smooth and healthy.

Experiencing a decrease in collagen production is a natural part of the aging process and can result in an older look. The treatment serves as an effective solution to this issue as it can help boost your youthful allure.

Collagen also supports various other proteins in the skin that keep it supple and lubricated. When collagen production begins to decrease, the skin will start to form wrinkles and show the early signs of aging.

Sculptra aims to rectify the problem by boosting your collagen production to healthier levels. When you undergo a treatment session, the poly-L-lactic acid will stimulate the increase in collagen for a change that will take place over time. The result is smoother skin that looks young and beautiful.

Sculptra is FDA-approved and safe to use in all skin types. It is an effective solution for both men and women who want to say goodbye to their aged look and hello to a more youthful appearance that will help build confidence.

How is Sculptra Different from Other Fillers?

There are many different factors that set Sculptra apart from other injectable treatment options.

• The main difference between Sculptra and other types of dermal fillers is that it works slowly over a period of time. Producing more collagen takes time, but the results will begin to show within a week and continue to improve over the course of time.

• The good thing about it is that the gradual results mean they also last for a long time. Sculptra is not for those who are looking for a quick-fix for wrinkles. With Sculptra, the results are so natural that it won’t look like you have had any work done. You will start seeing effects just after your first session.

• When you use Sculptra, you don’t have to worry about scheduling repeat appointments every few months to maintain your youthful skin. A sculptra treatment is given as multiple (usually four) injections with a break between each session. Once you complete a treatment session using Sculptra, the results can last for up to two years or more.

• Another way Sculptra is different from other fillers is that the results look more natural. The boost in collagen production it provides will help to ensure that you have a youthful look that looks natural and beautiful.

• Sculptra not only helps to eliminate wrinkles but it also helps to improve the skin’s texture. As collagen production builds up; the skin’s texture becomes smoother. You can expect your skin to have a radiant glow.

Learn More About the Sculptra Treatment

If you’re interested in learning more about Sculptra, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hung William Song. With exceptional care and guidance, he can help you achieve the beautiful you desire.