If you are bothered by the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but don’t like the idea of undergoing an invasive surgical procedure, you may want to consider Ultherapy.

This innovative cosmetic treatment utilizes ultrasound energy to rejuvenate your skin and bring back your youthful look. The treatment is FDA approved to address the early signs of aging that appear in your face and neck. It can help tighten saggy skin, lift droopy eyebrows, and eliminate wrinkles.

Ultherapy – A Revolutionary Skin Treatment

Ultherapy can help improve the quality of your skin by increasing collagen and elastin production. The ultrasound rays from the Ultherapy machine penetrates deep into the skin and works improve its health.

Collagen and elastin are proteins that keep the skin youthful and supple. It holds the skin’s structure together and strengthens it. Elastin helps the skin stretch and return back to its original position. Without these two proteins, the quality of your skin will degrade, resulting in an older and unappealing face.

Collagen and elastin are present throughout the layers of your skin. For this reason, the Ultherapy treatment targets skin at different levels to rejuvenate it from deep inside. The Ultherapy device can be used in different settings for the comfort of every individual undergoing the treatment. Each treatment session can last from 30 to 90 minutes.

The Benefits of Ultherapy

The biggest benefit provided by the Ultherapy treatment is that it is a non-surgical skin procedure that works address various signs of aging without being highly invasive. Ultherapy can improve the skin without the need for incisions, anesthesia, or extensive post-surgical recovery time. With Ultherapy, you don’t have to worry about any potential side effects that are often associated with surgical procedures.

Ultherapy is a painless treatment that provides great results without the need for any downtime. You may only feel a bit of a tingling sensation in the target area. You can even return to your normal daily activities soon after the treatment is completed. Any redness or swelling of your skin also subsides soon after the session is completed. You also don’t require any special preparation before the treatment sessions begin.

The Results from Ultherapy are often visible within a few days, but you will see improvements for the next few months as new collagen and elastin continue to form. The results can last for a long time depending on your skin’s response to the treatment and continued collagen production. You can opt for additional Ultherapy sessions in the future depending on your requirements.

The results provided by the Ultherapy treatment look natural. Your skin will glow from deep within the foundation layer and look firmer. You can tighten the skin on your neck and chest using Ultherapy. It can also help remove wrinkles and correct the effects of sun damage on your skin.

Ultherapy is the ideal skin treatment for those who may not be ready for surgery but do not wish to live with wrinkles and sagging skin anymore. If you are not bothered by surgery, you can still use Ultherapy to augment the results of different cosmetic surgical procedures.

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