Radiesse is a type of dermal filler that can boost collagen production in your skin for a more youthful appearance. You can use Radiesse to effectively remove deep fine lines and wrinkles from your face and also treat the other early signs of aging.

How Does Radiesse Work?

The filler material in Radiesse is calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHa). It is a compound that is made of calcium and phosphate; substances already present in the body. When injected, CaHa increases collagen production in the skin. The increased collagen can help provide you with a healthier and more youthful layer of skin.

Collagen, a type of protein, is the substance that holds the skin’s structure together. With age, collagen reserves begin to reduce and give way to the signs of aging that appear on your skin. However, with increased collagen production, your skin can rejuvenate from deep within; filling out wrinkles and smoothing your face.

The treatment involves Radiesse injections around the mouth and the nose to smooth out the laugh lines or wrinkles in those regions. You can also use Radiesse to fill scars and add lift to the cheeks. Your doctor will decide on the number of injections per treatment session based on the condition of your skin and the aesthetic goals you’d like to accomplish.

The treatment process is relatively quick when compared to other cosmetic procedures designed to improve the facial aesthetic. It can be completed within 15-20 minutes with no downtime. You can return to your normal daily activities without a hitch.

Radiesse Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of using Radiesse is that the results can last for up to a year. In some cases, it has even been seen to last longer. For permanent results, you can undergo repeat treatments as prescribed by your doctor.

The filler material in Radiesse is in the form of gel microspheres. These particles will begin to work immediately once injected into the skin. The CaHa in the filler will eventually be absorbed by the body through its natural processes, but the new collagen will stay in its place and continue to provide the skin with a foundation for youthfulness. You may begin to see results instantly, but they will also continue to improve over the course of time.

Radiesse Treatments are Safe

The FDA-approved Radiesse filler contains substances that already exist in the body. You can feel safe going through the treatment as there are no associated risks with the injections. It doesn’t produce any severe side effects. You may experience a bit of swelling or redness on the injection sites, but these issues are temporary and resolve soon after the treatment is over.

Radiesse Treatments Require no Downtime

Radiesse is ideal for those who want to improve their aesthetic without having to undergo a highly invasive surgery. It is a quick treatment that works well to improve the skin without the negative side effects of going through surgery.

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