Many body contouring treatments involve surgical intervention which can not only be painful and take time to recover, but can also prove to be risky and unhealthy if you have a weaker disposition or you have underlying health concerns that need to be taken care of.

In such cases, it’s always better to choose minimally invasive or non-invasive procedures to improve the contours of your body. The BodyFx Radiofrequency Treatment is one such treatment that is worth considering when you don’t wish to undergo a surgical body contouring procedure.

How Is The Bodyfx Radiofrequency Treatment Performed?

The BodyFx Radiofrequency Treatment is a completely non-invasive treatment that utilizes radio frequencies of varying range/modalities to address the fat cells in the body. The treatment is designed to use radio frequency waves to liquefy the unwanted fat in the body and to give it the desired shape.

Scheduling Your Consultation

The first step in the treatment process is the consultation. Here is where the doctor will evaluate your body to identify which areas need to be treated immediately and extensively. Next, the doctor will talk to you about your goals and expectations to design a treatment plan that will cater to your specific needs.

Candidates who are most eligible for the BodyFx Radiofrequency treatment are those who have high amounts of fat in the abdomen, hips, thighs, flanks, back and/or any other regions and who do not have any medical conditions that may put them at risk during the treatment. It’s best to consult your physician to know whether you are eligible for the treatment or not.

The Bodyfx Procedure

Since the BodyFx Radiofrequency treatment is a completely non-invasive procedure, the doctor will not give you any anesthesia. The doctor will start by gently heating the body part to be treated using radiofrequency energy.

Once the tissues and muscles are deep heated, the fat located in the area will start to liquefy. Once liquified, a second energy pulse is released into the fat cells, killing them instantly.

Next, using a gentle vacuum suction treatment, the treated muscles and tissues are contracted back into their natural shape. This form of contraction will stimulate the production of collagen by the dermal cells, slowly tightening the skin in the process.

Ideally, the doctor treats a 6 x 6 inch of skin for 10 minutes, before moving onto another patch. A typical session lasts for 30 minutes and multiple sessions may need to be scheduled depending on the extensiveness of the treatment.

Once the process is finished, you will notice a significant difference in the way your body is contoured before and after the procedure.

Post-Treatment Care

Right after the procedure, your skin may appear red, feel tender, and slightly sensitive but all these sensations are temporary and should subside in time. The best part about this treatment is that there is absolutely no downtime and you can return to your daily routine soon after it is completed.

The results of the BodyFx Radiofrequency treatment lasts a few months, with patients losing up to two to five centimeters of fat after a week of sessions.

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